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share an innate passion and tireless drive to design

and execute flawless events. 

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We designed our agency for seamless work, from anywhere. Our teams are made up of the best in the industry — and we assemble the most skilled, seasoned planners and strategists to lead every engagement. They each can hold their own, contributing their broad experience across industries, markets and types of events. 


It’s never been about a shared location — it’s always been our shared passion for bringing brand experiences to life.

All the work we do and each decision we make is rooted in the values that we share. 

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Perfect details flourish with a great strategy.

We focus on the end goal first and never settle unless it moves you forward.


Every interaction is a chance to captivate.

Authentic moments of deep human connection stick with you—and leave a lasting impression.  


Expertise is everything.

We’ve seen events from every angle and know every question to ask to set a strategy for perfect execution and the (inevitable) unplanned. 


Our work isn’t work—

it’s a passion.

We’re driven by a fire within and we’re the catalyst to bring our partners along.

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Alissa Schwartz

founder & chief event officer

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Homebase: Columbus, Ohio


Years in the Biz: 15


Most memorable event destination: Sedona, Az


Must-Have(s) on Event Day: a sweater (it’s always cold in every venue), comfortable shoes and a water-bottle.


I love what I do because: There is nothing better than seeing a group of people come together for a shared cause or experience. The magic that happens when everyone believes in the same thing and works towards the same goal is indescribable.


How I keep the details straight: beautifully executed spreadsheets and long-runs to think it all through. I literally stop in the middle of many runs to make notes, send myself a voice message or write an email!


My days are fueled by: Green tea - mostly hot, sometimes iced


Favorite Way to Unwind after an Event: Greasy food and bad reality TV on the flight home

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Ali Wright

senior director of events & operations

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Homebase: Columbus, Ohio


Years in the Biz: 10


Motto I live by: if you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.


Must-Have(s) on Event Day: organized documents, pockets and lip balm


I juggle it all with the help of… my husband, he holds down the fort better than me


My days are fueled by: coffee and dry shampoo


My biggest pinch-me moment: During a high end sales incentive trip on the Paul Gauguin Cruise in Tahiti, we planned a group dinner off the ship one night for our attendees at the famous Bloody Mary’s Restaurant. It started pouring down rain right when we were supposed to return to the boat and there was a very long dock to get back on the boat, I was panicked. I headed back to the ship to see if I could borrow some umbrellas and was shocked to see 75 cruise staff members lining the dock holding umbrellas elbow to elbow to ensure the attendees made it back to the boat safe and dry. Since then, I have been confident that everything will always work out!


Favorite Way to Unwind after an Event: wine + giggles with the team followed by snuggles + movie with my family

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The Event Collective Favorites.png
The Event Collective Favorites.png

Sunny days in the 70’s- perfect weather for any event


Site Visits- Finding the perfect location to bring everyone's vision to life is magical


Surprise & Delight- our favorite event phrase and our favorite thing to pull off at any event


Themes- they just take every party to the next level


Spa Days- the best way to catch up with one another and melt the stress away

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